Products & Services

We provide a wide range of products for rental. Our outdoor conditioning equipment can be use for party, events, warehouse sale, exhibition, family day, concert, developer sales and any outdoor events. Below is a list of products that is for hire.

Air-Cond Unit
2.5 & 5HP portable air-cond unit, 6HP floor standing air-cond unit, 10 & 15 HP self contained air-cond unit, Portable air-cooler (6500-7500 cfm) capable of reducing temperature down to 26.5 -27.5°C, DB Board/Sub Switch Board and Cables Ramp.

Other Equipments
Banquet Tables, High Bar Stool & Table, Q Stand with rope, Bar Stool & Table, Cocktail Table, Mist Cooling Fan, Fan, Stage Setup, Carpet and Floorboard.

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